Here’s to hoping

by hredekop

At a event tonight entitled Peace, Pies, and Prophets held at Conrad Grebel, Ted & Company provided side-splitting  giggles and guffaws in a series of sketches outlining today’s societal idiosyncrasies regarding the military-industrial complex, terror, trauma, and “how to buy an enemy” among other thought-provoking and hilarious topics.  Meanwhile, they also managed to auction off a smorgasbord of pies for upwards of $150 each, all of the proceeds going towards the work of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), an organization I tend to admire.

During the intermission, James Loney, a fellow CPTer and friend of mine, reflected on his time in captivity when he was held in Iraq for 4 months from November 2005 to March 2006 with three other CPTers, one of whom, Tom Fox, was killed two weeks before their release.  James recalled a moment during captivity where Tom, after the CPTers had noticed that one of their captors had sustained an injured foot as a result of a soccer game, knelt and held the captors foot praying over it.  When he finished, he raised his head to look at the others and said, “sometimes, I can draw the pain out”.

As I go forth into a place where power imbalances hold farmers captive from cultivating their lands, hold women captive under threats of violence for speaking up about equality, and armed groups hold anyone captive who can provide leverage for their cause, I can only hope that I may somehow, sometimes, “draw the pain out”.